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At Tuality Hearing Center we provide affordable hearing aids in Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Lake Oswego, as well as hearing aid repair service. We're dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that there is good news and we will do all we can to help you hear as well as you possibly can.  

Tuality Hearing Centers are locally owned and represent the latest advancements in Hearing Healthcare and patient satisfaction. Our emphasis is on quality patient care with a peer-review process – unique among hearing healthcare providers – that holds each provider accountable. Our providers are therefore personally invested and committed to the utmost personal care, service and patient satisfaction. Our clinics utilize state-of-the-art technology when caring for each and every patient.  

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Donovan D. Davisson, BC-HIS


Victor Bothe, ACA, BC-HIS

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We specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing losses. Our office visits and hearing screenings are complementary. When you come to see us, you will be given a hearing evaluation which includes not only testing, but finding out what is important to you and a frank discussion about issues that you may have. Hearing is very personal and we are aware that those with a hearing loss may never have talked to anyone about how this issue affects them. We will listen.

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Hearing Aids

Our hearing aids are best in class from the top manufacturers. Our routine fittings and adjustments along with routine service and repairs for our patients are included. For peace of mind, our hearing aids include a money back guarantee.

Hearing Aids

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Other Valuable Services

Affordable payment options are available for qualified applicants. We offer extended warranties on most purchases and repair services on all makes and models. We offer custom acoustical molds designed for musicians, as well as hearing protection for hunters, factory workers and construction workers. 

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But enough about us – let’s talk about you. Whether you or your loved one needs a hearing test, routine service and repair or are seeking to optimize your hearing health experience, let us help you make an informed decision. 

The first step is to contact us and arrange a free hearing screening. You will have the opportunity to have all your questions answered and know exactly the cost; all with absolutely no obligation. Call today (503) 802-7830 or email [email protected]

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